About Sweetie Pie


"Sweetie Pie" is the creation of award-winning broadcaster & medical correspondent, therapeutic musician and inspirational speaker Kelly Ann Monahan. Monahan - also an integrative nutrition health coach - went on to write a clean-eating recipe book as well!

A wellness expert, she writes and speaks about living a healthy lifestyle - while sharing her own challenging health journey and the faith and perseverance required in overcoming adversity. "Sweetie Pie" also incorporates the gift of song when asked to speak at an event because of music's therapeutic effects on the body.

Why Sweetie Pie? That's what her late father, Joseph - who accompanied her to endless medical appointments throughout her childhood - always called her. And she sure did love her sweet daddy.

Monahan makes guest appearances on TV from time to time, making her "Sweetie Pie" original, clean-eating recipes. She shares some of these recipes in her clean-eating, gluten-free cookbook SWEET HEALTHY LIVING! It includes scripture as well as a glimpse into her challenging health journey that led to creating the cookbook. It's also tasty and brimming with lots of healthy desserts. 

("Sweetie Pie" has a sweet tooth!)